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We analyse the information collected by cookies to help us understand how people use our site and how we can improve it. We use ‘session cookies’ (which remember you for the length of time you have a browser open and are looking at a site, but are deleted when you close the browser) and ‘persistent cookies’ (which are not deleted when the browser is closed but will continue to remember you for a set amount of time).

We also use ‘strictly necessary cookies’ which are needed to make our website function properly. Without these, the site wouldn’t work for you. They do not collect any information about you that could be used for marketing.

Most browsers allow you to set your preferred ‘cookie settings’. Please check with the company that provides your browser for the latest information on browser privacy and cookies.

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In summary
This website belongs to RCZM. We are fully comitted to safeguarding your personal data and we are compliant with all data protection laws.

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